Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Research - title sequences

Jon Favreau's ELF.
The title sequence is an animation, in the style of a storybook, with swirley-looking text and child-like music, in a Christmas style. Very appropriate for the narrative.

Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous; The opening credits are presented in the form of notes being hand-written on a set of notecards. This ties in with the nature of the storyline, about a young rock journalist, who travels with rockstars, writing about the music and lifestyle. The hand-writing in the title sequence is director Cameron Crowe's. This links in with the semi-autobiographical storyline, as Crowe himself was a teenage writer for Rolling Stone. This is interesting and a visually creative, I'd like to use objects like that with a hand writing the credits.

I also stumbled across an unofficial animated title sequence for the Sean Penn film Into the Wild. An alternative made by a 21-year-old Dutch design student, though his project was quite different because he had to create his based on an existing film, it was interesting to see the kind of standard possible.

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