Monday, 21 September 2009

Introduction to the project

This morning we were introduced to title sequences. We looked at a number of different ones, random ones from film & TV, to gather some background research, and prepare for our term project, which is to create a 2 minute (120 second) title sequence of our choice.
At first the assignment seemed really daunting, but I'm enthusiastic to create something powerful and moving, and visually exciting.

What a title sequence is;

A short introduction to a television program / movie. Often uses images/music/and can include opening credits, and most importantly, a title.

We've been using for background research and analysis on the different title sequences out there. We were told to check out Saul Bass, the director. And also more simple pieces like that of Woody Allen films.

Conflict of interest:

I was interested to find out what sort of software people use to design this kind of Media. However I'm not familiar with any of the advanced types of programs, so I'm somewhat worried where to start and I'm not sure what I can achieve with the knowledge I have at this point in time. I'll need to make do with the resources I have right now.

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  1. Hey it's Dan, you can join our group if you want but I have to get rid of the two unwanted slackers from it first. xD I won't be in on monday though. I've followed you on this thing so take a look at the work we've already done. Which is yours aswell now =P Okay so if you think of any ideas for it or improvements that'd be cool. Text me to let me know if you're joining 07964422443 See you wednesday. xx