Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Research - title sequences

This is another assignment where the girl had to make an alternative title sequence for a film which already exists. She chose to do David Fincher's Fight Club;
The description says this opening credits is a Saul Bass inspired creation.

This made me think about who's style I might borrow from in my own sequence.

Jack Snyder's Watchmen;

An adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen.
In this sequence we see a whole montage, of main characters, shown in slow motion scenes, as if from the past, and also still shots of crime etc. Various images like newspapers and celebrations in the street fill us in on the action and events that lead to the main storyline, with the backdrop of the city and places where the War is happening.
An obvious icon is used, but in a re-created way.

'the Last Supper'; this piece of art is mimicked in a scene with superheroes instead of Jesus & his Apostles.
The sequenec is set to the Bob Dylan song 'Times they are a'changin', which in a way reflects some of the themes within the storyline, as far as division in America was at that point in time.

Jason Reitman's Juno;

This was put together by taking hundreds of photos of the main character, on a treadmill, drinking Sunny-D. The images were put through a photocopier so many times that they appeared hand-drawn, and the cut out pictures were put onto software with a background the creators made, to look like the town she lives in. This is where the animation comes from, it was obviously a very ambitious and time-consuming project.

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