Monday, 9 November 2009

Planning & the presentation

Upon planning the presentation that may or may not be marked, the powerpoint task has been assigned to Rosie. In the presentation, we're going to talk about the shot structure and our storyboard so far, basically everything we've planned for the title sequence.



'August' - This was the original name we thought of for the title, however we're not 100% sure yet, we're still in the process of ideas for that.


- A computer (maybe an internet cafe, where MSN chat program can be used-we decided to use the classsroom)
- Charlton Park
- Train station
{as seen below}

Problems to think about:
As we are using an escalator in one of our scenes, we will need to think about privacy, it would be wise to pick a quiet time of day, as to not disturb the public. This is the same for the park, we'd need to think about opening times too.
The weather might be a problem, we must choose a bright enough day so that we can film, but we don't want it to be extremely sunny, as that probably wouldn't compliment the theme.


Having browsed through a variety of free, downloadable fonts online, i came across this. i think it might be an effective typeface to use in the credits and title within the sequence.


It's crossed my mind that maybe a voiceover would be useful to let the audience know a bit more about the character...


- The rose, a symbol which we're going to use to represent the start and end of the sequence. The rose she holds at the beginning will eventually wilt. Barbies, for the childish/twisted element.

- Outfit; the boots, skirt, jacket (for a dark and 'edgy' look)

- The computer; which we'll need to create a conversation between the 2 characters.

The username for the msn shot for protagonist =
The username for the msn shot for the paedophile =

Rating & target audience:

- Adults/teenagers, aging from 15+, interested in the psychological thriller genre, male and female.

- WOULD NOT APPEAL TO: Children, the elderly, the faint-hearted.

After studying ratings, we decided ours will be a '15' rating. We thought that teenagers under 15 years of age should not see some of the content that we show in our film, as it has a lot of violence and disturbing content. However we choose not to make it to 18 because that would also miss out our target audience.


Our distributor will be New Line distributor. It is often known as just New Line. It was founded in 1967. A major American distrubutor, it did begin as idependant film produce. It then merged with their big sister Warner Brothers.

Technology used:

-Desktop PC
-Microsoft Paint
-Adobe Premiere Elements
-MSN Messenger

Character mood board:

This is the mood board we created upon planning our presentation, we had all sorts of ideas about our protagonist's style and image.

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