Tuesday, 10 November 2009



In the presentation i'm going to talk about shots, and other ideas we've brainstormed so far.

- Extreme close up {of the protagonist's eyes}
- Point of view shot {of the computer/the conversation}
- Birds eye view {of the male character on the computer, maybe not his whole identity, maybe just the hands}

We're thinking of using a range of shots to create suspense and a sense of the characters enigmatic persona.


New line cinema...

Directed by Dayo Adesina
Produced by Rosie Dwyer
Co- producer - Tiffany Vickery
Film Editor - Dayo Adesina
Production Design - Minh Dinh
Music composed by - Patrick James Slattery

Conflict of interest:
We decided against filming in Camden Town and Central London. It would be more efficient and less time-consuming if we film in the nearby park of Greenwich, and the train station.
The shots of the computer screen, we thought could be problematic for filming. We want it find out how to make it look semi-professional. It will ruin the sequence if the camera doesn't film well.

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