Monday, 23 November 2009

The presentation is over

We {Dayo, Rosie, Minh & me} showed Nina & Mark our presentation today. We were given alot of useful feedback and were told what else we have to include.

-We need to do the preliminary assignment, which is a few selected type of shots, each lasting 60 seconds?
-We need to make a shot-by-shot justification of everything we're doing in our frames {adjustments to the storyboard needed}
-We need to make a character profile from cut out images, to have a better representation of our films protagonist.
-We need to create a mood board from cut out images, just to build up an idea of the themes and imagery we want in our sequence.
-We need to do some research into the sound effects...

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  1. Hey i have wrote the start of the thing where i described each scene...can you look at it and see if its okay? hope you have a nice christmas.xx