Monday, 18 January 2010

The filming starts...

Some filming has been done in my absence. One of our college peers has agreed to be the actress for our sequence. The location has been changed to Charlton park as oppose to Greenwich park.
There were some problems regarding the videocameras but Dayo volunteered her digital camera so we have the resources to go out and film as long as our actress is in.
We still have the computer scene, the voiceover and more filming to do for the sequence.

Idea: Barbie & action man, both with short hair (to convey a sense of psychotic mutilation?)
The main character plays with the toy dolls, acting out herself and her internet friend...

We've been introduced to the idea of continuity editing...
In continuity editing everything is filmed so that the viewer thinks they are seeing continuous action. As well as following the rules below, you will need to ensure that characters’ appearance, the set and the lighting (colour and direction) remain consistent from shot to shot.
Here are pictures of us blogging and learning how to edit our videos;

- Me (Tiffany)

- Dayo

- Rosie

This is the software we're learning how to use;

- Adobe Premiere Elements

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